Chess 3.0

Superb elegant chess game for Macs


  • Great design
  • Easy to learn how to play
  • 3D design features


  • Hard to master


If you're looking for an elegant Chess game for Mac then look no further than Chess.

Chess features stunning 3D graphics, online gaming and an intuitive interface that anyone should be able to use. The boards and pieces look handcrafted and can be viewed in 3D with rotation and zoom possible. Chess is very easy to play but hard to master.

Even better, you can play against people from around the world to see just how good you really are - much more fun than playing against the computer. You can tweak the settings to change the pieces and board style and find full instructions about exactly how to play chess.

There's very little to fault in Chess overall since it does a simple job of making a simple game highly enjoyable on your Mac.



Chess 3.0

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